Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hokokuji Temple - Our Second Visit

Hokokuji Temple - or the "Bamboo Temple" - in Kamakura is one of our favorite places. I was so excited to go back and visit a second time (our first visit was in winter), and to take my mom along. It was her first time to visit a temple in Japan and she was speechless when we walked through the gate. It was beautiful in winter, but even more so since everything was lush and green with the beginning of summer. It was only 200 yen to enter, but mom paid an extra 500 yen to have macha green tea in the small tea house located at the back of the bamboo garden.

I was so excited to bring my mom here. The temple is hundreds of years old and has such a serene and spiritual feel within its grounds. She says the green tea was good - a little "soupy," but good. Ha. THIS is why we moved to Japan. To see places like this. *sigh* I love Japan.

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