The Cultivated Mother has moved!

Dearest readers,

After leaving Japan and going through a divorce, writing at TheCultivatedMother didn't seem like the best fit anymore. This blog will stay around because there is a lot of information here for homeschooling families, military families, and foreigners traveling to Japan. However, if you want to stay up-to-date, you'll find me over at Kimberly Mathis. It's been wonderful to share so much of my life with you. I hope you'll stick around.




  1. Hello Kimberly,

    I first stumbled across The Cultivated Mother in 2014/2015 at our last Navy duty station on Guam. Yes, like yourself at the time, I too am a Navy wife and have found your blog to be very helpful and inspiring. I wanted to thank you for your openness, honesty, and authenticity in sharing you and your family's life! I really appreciate your big heart and even bravery for making a difficult life changing decision. *tight hug*
    We are now stationed here in Yokosuka until January 2019 and are having a blast!
    I will continue peruse through TCM and doing so, I hope to inspire others like you have inspired me.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!

    Marissa R~

    1. Marissa,

      Thank you so much for this comment. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this slice of the internet, and I hope you have a wonderful time in Yokosuka. I will always think of Japan as a second home. Keep in touch!