About Me

Hi! And welcome to The Cultivated Mother. Thanks for popping by to read!

I'm Kimberly and this is my little slice of the internet for sharing my journey through motherhood, military life, and travels around the world. I have no idea what I'm doing and never claim to have all the right answers. My intention is simply to create an intentional and meaningful life for myself and my children.

About My Family

Thing 1: The oldest of my two daughters, Thing 1 was a complete surprise. She is a nurturer, a social butterfly, and a human sponge for knowledge.

Thing 2: My second child, Thing 2 is my firecracker. She is strong and confident. She loves people and thrives on making new friends. She is my girl that I know will always stand up for herself and others.

Me: I had dreams of being a successful, busy, career woman... and I would never have guessed I'd become a stay-at-home-mom! I began a Ph.D. program only to find out I was pregnant with our first child, so my plans changed and I got a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy instead. While in school, I had my two daughters and for four years following my graduation, I was a homemaker, financial planner, teacher, cook, housekeeper, mother, wife, and much more.

I now find myself going through a divorce, and starting a life on my own. I'm transitioning from being a stay-at-home-mom to a single mother. The transition has its ups and downs, but I welcome it as another opportunity for authentic and intentional living.

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