Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kura Sushi (a sushi-go-round)

Kura Sushi is located about 3 km on Route 16 past the Womble Gate in Yokosuka. Just look for the sign with a fish wearing a top hat, and you can't miss it. I had been to another sushi-go-round, but wanted to try a new one and take my mom while she was in town. Unlike the other sushi-go-round I visited, this one was much larger and had booths to fit families. There were always plates of sushi coming by on the conveyor belt, but each table was also equipped with a touch-screen where you could place orders for a particular dish, dessert, or even a beer! When your order was done, it came directly to your table via a second conveyor belt located above the main one. When you are finished eating, you slide your clean plate into a slot at the end of the table. After every 5 plates, a game pops up on your screen and a little toy pops out of the chute. 

A couple of notes that will make your experience easier - green cups are located in between booths and those are for water or green tea. Hot water for your green tea is located at your table, along with green tea powder. If you aren't a fan of green tea, head back towards the front booths and you will see a corner of refrigerators stocked with beer, juice, sodas, and there will also be a small cold water dispenser with kids' bowls and spoons/forks located underneath it. You can go help yourself at anytime. Also, if you can't figure out the menu or touch-screen, ask a waitress for an English menu. She'll bring you instructions for the touch-screen, and an English list with each type of sushi.

I wish I could say that my kids are sushi-lovers and are always willing to try new foods, but as you can see in the picture below, we ordered a plate of french fries and ketchup. We did try to get them to eat some sushi, but it didn't go well....

Most of the sushi here is 100Y per plate, but if the price is different, it is listed with the picture of the sushi on the touch-screen. I think our total price for 2 adults and 2 kids was $17 - it was a bit more expensive because we got a couple of rice/tempura bowls.

If you'd like to try out Kura Sushi, it's open from 11am-10:30pm, but I've heard it's crowded at dinnertime. The phone number is 046-828-5710 and there is FREE parking. :)

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