Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mom's First Days

As you know, my mom has been visiting... and we have been keeping ourselves busy by introducing her to everything Japanese. I have gotten behind in blogging our excursions, but I am finally trying to catch up. 

For my mom's first day, we put some spending money in her pocket and took her out to see our town. She thought the Japanese Yen was beautiful. 

Japanese money - roughly $50 US dollars
 We took my mom to the local grocery store and showed her the usual Japanese cuisine. She was a bit surprised by the octopus.... We also visited the hundred yen store (similar to a "Dollar Store" in the US) and a clothing store above the grocery.

 After doing a bit of window shopping, we stopped at my favorite Ramen shop for lunch: Fukuman. It is small, quaint, and totemo oishii desu (very delicious)! We sat at a traditional dining table with small floor cushions on tatami mats. I think mom really liked her ramen!

The next day, we introduced Mom to the trains. My girls LOVE the trains and they were very excited to take their grandmother. We took the train over one stop and walked about 15 minutes until we reached Zushi beach. On a clear day, you have a good view of Fuji. Unfortunately, however, it's starting to get humid and it was too hazy to see anything.

There were hermit crabs everywhere!

Found this dead little guy and we brought him home to study. :)
The next few days were spent visiting temples, the IKEA in Yokohama (my favorite store!!), and even Tokyo! More posts are coming!

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