Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cafe Wayan: A slice of heaven in Bali.

So after we switched hotels, we spent the next day exploring our surroundings in Ubud. After some shopping and sightseeing, we needed some lunch. I had heard about Cafe Wayan before traveling to Bali and one of our drivers had mentioned it as well. As it turned out, the Cafe was located almost directly across the street from our hotel. It was fate.

Nevermind the fact that this was a restaurant, it become one of our favorite places in Bali. Jessica and I both agreed that it was one of our favorite restaurants in the entire world, for that matter. Don't let it's simple entrance fool you....

If you look closely, you'll notice that shortly after you walk into the Cafe, it quickly opens up to a large garden area. It. Was. Beautiful. It was so lush! And smelled of flowers and incense from daily offerings. There was a fountain in the middle which our kids quickly surrounded. While Jessica and I waited for our food, our kids played in the fountain and even made friends with a little boy from France, named Luca. Seating areas were spread out through the garden, covered by thatched roofs. There was both Asian-styled low-table dining, as well as Western styled tables with chairs. The temperature during our trip was phenomenal. It wasn't humid, it wasn't hot, it wasn't cold... it was absolutely perfect with a little breeze thrown in here and there. We could have stayed at Cafe Wayan for hours.

As if the atmosphere weren't enough, the food was fantastic. If you have kids, Cafe Wayan has the best kids' menu that we saw during our entire week's visit to the island. My kids were thrilled to get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I ordered a mixed satay (pork, chicken, and beef) and it literally melted in my mouth. What I wouldn't give for some right now....

Wayan Cafe was so good, we headed right back over for a meal the next day as well. If you're kids aren't interested in the fountain and gardens, no worries - the staff are apparently employed as babysitters as well. 

I swear my kids were enjoying themselves....

Don't mind the Balinese ladies just coming over and picking up your kids. They love kids!


Nasi Campur - a wonderful array of various dishes. Mmmmm!
If you visit Ubud, and are looking for a great place to eat, you have GOT to go to Cafe Wayan. It's beautiful, it's serene, it's got fantastic food, and it's only of the most kid-friendly places I've ever been.

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