Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bali Bird Park

One of the places we visited while on our trip was the Bali Bird Park. I had heard a lot about this place and yes, it was also in the Little Travelers: Bali movie. The Bali Bird Park is also side-by-side to the Bali Reptile Park and admission to one grants you access to the other. Not only did the kids like the park, but as soon as we walked up the restaurant to get some lunch, us Mamas fell for it too. They had a GREAT kids' play area and our kids spent a good hour playing before and after their meal. It was so nice to eat and have a conversation while our kids played over to the side.

Just as we were finishing up lunch, one of the employees came over with some birds to do a little educational show. When everyone was allowed to come up and see the birds, Jessica bravely volunteer to hold one.

But she didn't know there would be a second one....

A second one eating a peanut....

And no surprise, Thing 2 wanted a turn as well. She didn't want to just hold a bird, she wanted a bird on her shoulder!

The park was pretty and had a LOT of birds. It was great to see so many birds... but... the inevitable happened. One of us got pooped on. (Not me!) Ha!

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