Saturday, September 1, 2012

Homes Store in Yokosuka

Anytime you move somewhere, you always have to figure out where you're going to do your shopping. However, when you're living in the States, you don't have to guess very much about what kind of store you're walking into. Everyone knows what a Target, Wal-mart, or Best Buy offers their customers. It's a very different experience in a foreign country - especially Japan, considering you can't read any Japanese. We have been using a guide that we bought on-base and which was written by a former resident of Yokosuka. (I will address that guide in a post later.) Basically, we do a little search through the guide, and online, and check out a store that has gotten good reviews. 

Today, we visited Homes. It's a weird cross between Old Navy, Home Depot, Wal-mart, Target and JC Penny. Here are the details:

Phone: 046-822-2400
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 0900-2200. 
Parking: There is a big parking garage and parking is free. 
Map/Directions: Take a left out of either the Main Gate or Womble Gate at the Yokosuka base. When the road splits, go to the left and take the road that rungs parallel to Rt. 16 and runs along the coast. Homes will be on the right in about 1km. It is across the street from Livin.
Store Description: Divided into two floors, the top floor is full of home goods - rugs, curtains, dishes, decor, furniture - and has a LOT to choose from. One of the greatest selections I've seen thus far. There is also a Uniqlo on the second floor. It is similar to an Old Navy. The first floor has many of the same things you'd find in a Wal-mart and also has a section similar to Home Depot with lumber, tools, and gardening supplies. And if you take the kids, they will love the pet section - complete with lots of puppies for sale! One more random thing - across from the lumber department is a McDonald's so you can stop in for a bite in the middle of all that shopping.

Out of the few stores we've visited since moving here, this one has definitely become one of my favorite. They had such a great selection of EVERYTHING and the prices were very good. It's a little bit of a drive from our house, but if you live close to the main base, it's incredibly easy to get to. Honestly, it's worth the drive no matter where you live.


  1. I used to love uniqlo in NYC. Very cute stuff.

  2. Thank you for this post! I have been looking everywhere for directions on how to get here.