Friday, August 17, 2012

Our New Home: I like to call it "The Penthouse"

We got moved into our new tower apartment on Tuesday and we were very excited to get out of our hot hotel room. We took a 9th-floor apartment and I lovingly call it our "penthouse." It's very industrial, but it has lots of space and storage. Honestly, it's the cleanest and nicest rental home that we've been in for the last five years. Our furniture is supposed to get here at the end of the month or the first of September, so until then we've got some loaner furniture from the Navy. In some ways, having our own place out in Ikego is more challenging than being in the hotel. We DO have a van (and The Hubs bought a second car today), but's not registered on base and still needs some Japanese registration stuff done, so the girls and I are stranded here away from the main base. We don't have a commissary or other places to go to get out of the house. And, we have no carpet, few toys, and hardly any furniture. My girls don't understand that this is their house and their constant meltdowns are just amplified by the tile floors and blank walls.

Hopefully, we'll be getting some rugs soon and that should help a lot with the coziness factor. And, IKEA is only 32 miles from my house!! So once our furniture gets here, and we make a big shopping trip to IKEA, I will posting updated pictures of our swanky penthouse. I can't wait to fix this place up!

Our Tower. We are on the top floor!
Our front door. I'm gonna have to make this look a tad bit prettier.
Looking through our front door.
Immediately on the right after walking through the front door.
Directly opposite the doorway to the kitchen, our laundry room in the first left after walking through the front door.
Back to the kitchen. Very industrial, but lots of counter space and cabinet room. :)
My pantry. However, I don't think I'm going to need it, so it might become my home office....
Our dining room and balcony.
Looking from the dining area into our living room.
Our balcony.
Looking down the hallway.
Hall closet. The closets in this apartment are great!
The guest room and playroom.
The girls' bedroom.
Our bedroom.
Fabulous closets again.
The balcony off the master bedroom.
The master bath. We also have an identical bathroom in the hall, across from the guest room. Only difference is that it has a bathtub.
There are LOTS of playgrounds around the towers. My girls have been loving them.

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  1. It looks almost exactly like ours! Except better bathrooms! Haha! Congratulations!