Thursday, July 10, 2014

Little Passports (a review!)

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Do you want your kids to see the world? Do you have an unlimited budget, loads of free time, and no responsibilities? If you're like most of us, the answer is no. The good news is, thanks to Little Passports, you can show your kids the world anyway. 

Little Passports World Edition lets you travel the world with your children, teaching them about a new country every month. With a monthly subscription, two world travelers, "Sam and Sofia," will send your kids a goody bag full of new souvenirs and facts about the latest country they've visited. 

We received our first package last week, and my kids couldn't wait to open it up. Inside the box was a brand new suitcase for all their travels. 

In the suitcase was:
  • a passport 
  • an introductory letter from Sam
  • a colorful world map
  • a boarding pass (with links to online games and activities)
  • stickers for their suitcase
  • and an activity book. 

After pulling out the map, my 6yo dove right into the activity booklet, figuring out the secret codes that showed her how to say "Hello" in several foreign languages. 

A Little Passports subscription would be a great addition to any family, especially those who are homeschooling. These monthly packages could easily be a jumping-off point for more in-depth study of a country. You could look up the country's flag to color, find library books about the country, cook a meal that you'd eat there... the possibilities are endless. There is also a Little Passports USA Edition for older kids who might be interested in learning about our 50 states. 

My girls are excited about seeing what country we're visiting next month, and they can't wait to add some stamps to their passport.

What do you think of Little Passports? Would your kids enjoy it?

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