Monday, November 11, 2013

Modeling in Japan: Milk Japon No. 22

For the two pictures that were included in this magazine, we went through quite the ordeal. We had to ride the train about an hour into Tokyo, then ride a bus for almost two hours to a park outside Tokyo. We spent the whole day at this park, waiting for each girl (6-8 of them) to get their hair and makeup done, change their clothes, and then hop right back into our bus where it was air-conditioned (it was the middle of July). We everything was finally ready for photos, the crew took them over to a pond and then back into the woods. It had already been looking cloudy, but the further we got from the bus, the more sprinkles we started to feel. Then, the clouds opened and it started to pour. I had BOTH of my kids with me and everyone - including the crew - got SOAKED. The kids who were modeling had their old clothes to change into, but siblings, parents, and crew had to sit, sopping wet, in the bus while we drove back to Tokyo. We stopped at a clothing store on the way home and everyone tried to find new clothes. Most of us foreigners looked ridiculous after we changed. Japanese style and sizing is... a bit different from back home. Ha. We ended up getting home very late, without having had dinner, and BOTH of the girls started falling asleep on the train. I was carrying a backpack on my back, my youngest on my chest, and was literally dragging my oldest onto our last train. I wasn't sure how I was going to get them off the train when we got home - I COULD NOT wake up my oldest. Then, two stops from our station, our train pulled into the stop and there was my neighbor's husband walking onto our train. I motioned for him to come over and he quickly volunteered to carry my oldest off the train. What a blessing! 

So yes... after all of that, we got 2 blurry photos in a magazine. Haha.

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