Friday, November 1, 2013

Modeling in Japan: CoCo chan

My daughter's first modeling experience was completely perfect. For her first job, it could not have gone any better. I had yet to venture to Tokyo, so I enlisted a dear friend to go with me. She was my saving grace as we navigated the Tokyo train system with two children. Once we arrived at our final station, we headed out to the street and attempted to use a small map (emailed to me by our agency) to find the studio. We were having no luck, and this lovely lady walking by - in full kimono - stopped and said, "Excuse me, may I help you?" She quickly pointed us in the right direction and we were welcomed into the studio by the crew. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL building, with wood floors, a wall full of windows, and sunlight streaming through and creating the BEST lighting. They had snacks for the girls and were just so incredibly nice. Thing 1 quickly took to the whole "modeling" thing. She LOVED getting her hair and makeup done. And all the modeling she had to do was basically just play. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was really proud of my daughter. 

So... the finished product was an emook (in Japan, it's an "enhanced version of a cross between a magazine and book) in which my daughter portrayed the character "CoCo." We also found out that the artist of CoCo was at the shoot. She was GREAT with my daughter, and said that she reminded her of a young Drew Barrymore. Ha! I couldn't have been more pleased with the pictures. It was so crazy to see my daughter in a magazine!

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