Sunday, August 11, 2013

What our first week of homeschooling looked like....

Though our week got off to a rough start, I think that overall, it went well. Though we didn't get through everything I had originally planned on, that's perfectly okay! Flexibility is one of the joys of homeschooling. Here's what our first week "back to school" looked like:

We did some back-to-school questionnaires to put in our record books. These were so cute! You can download one for free HERE.

Both girls did some work in their new Explode the Code (K) and Get Ready for the Code (Pre-K) books.

They did some pages in their BrainQuest workbooks. We LOVE these. They are great supplements to any curriculum.

We watched the "Plane Shapes" and "Solid Shapes" videos on BrainPopJr and colored these shape-by-color pages. Thing 1 also took the easy quiz for each video.

We watched the "Cell" and "Cell Structures" videos on BrainPop. Then we colored a cell coloring page and did the BrainPop experiment that went along with the cell videos. We sliced some onion VERY thinly, put some red food coloring on them and looked at the cells with both a magnifying glass and our microscope. Both of the girls really enjoy science - especially "experiments." When it was time for some quiet time later that day, we watched the Magic School Bus episode, "Goes Cellular."

We also made outlines of the girls' bodies on brown packing paper to be used with our human body study that will be going on the in next few weeks. Check out those plans HERE.

Oh, and we made some cells with things lying around the house.

We started "The Story of the World," and read a few library books about archaeology and early communities (nomads and then a transition to farming.) We did several activities in the STOW activity book: we made a family history book and did some map and coloring pages.

We watched the Magic School Bus episode, "Shows and Tells," about archaeology. We also watched the "Horrible Histories" episode about the stone age and a "Reading Rainbow" episode about archaeology and digging up dinosaur bones. Later in the week, we found a great series on Netflix called, "Out of Egypt" with episodes about archaeology and Ancient Egypt (which we'll be studying this next week).

We had playdates.

We lost our first tooth!!

We did some kids' yoga with the help of a DVD.

The girls had LOTS of time to play together - the exciting game this week was pretending that they were flying to Ancient China to see Mulan.

We finished book 8 of Magic Tree House series (LOVE this series) and started book 9.

And we spent most of our weekend doing nothing because Thing1 came down with a sinus infection and was running a fever.

We spend very little of our time sitting at the table to do "school work." Much of our learning comes from reading books, doing activities, and watching educational things on TV. I feel as though I got a little push-back from both of the girls when I tried to have them sit and "do school," so I'm going to continue what I did last year by keeping things very casual. Don't worry about the way you're "supposed" to do school. Do what works!

What did your first week of school look like?

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