Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hokokuji Temple & the "Bamboo Forest"

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Hokokuji Temple is one of the Zen temples of Kamakura and was established in 1334. Many people know this temple as the "Bamboo Temple" because of the 2,000 shoots of bamboo in the back garden. It's Moso bamboo is a giant timber bamboo that can reach up to 92 feet tall! It was beautiful. The temple also boasts a Zen meditation room where meditations are held every Sunday morning. And after a nice stroll through the temple grounds, there is a small tea house nestled in the back corner with view of the garden and a small waterfall. The temple is open from 9:00am until 4:00pm, but I think it may have extended hours in the summertime. It's only 200 yen to go back into the garden and an extra 500 yen (that you pay along with your 200 entrance fee) if you'd like to have tea at the tea house. Small children are free. :) There is parking there (maybe 5-7 spots) and it seems a bit far from a train station, so driving is probably your best bet if you have kids.

Parking area out front.

It won't be long before cherry blossom season is here!

Thing2 wanted her picture with the blossoms. :)

I deserve a medal for keeping my 3-year-old out of this gravel. 

Walking around back to the bamboo garden.

My girls had a fabulous time. They didn't want to leave.
The tea house.
I LOVED this temple!

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  1. Was that Japanese grafitti on the bamboo? Ha. Love the canopy shot into the sky! The girls are growing up even faster! Great experiences!