Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My 4-Year-Old Zen Master

Children have a connection to the soul, and the essence of life, that many adults have forgotten. So yesterday, when my four-year-old sat down next to me and began talking in a serious tone, I figured I should listen.

She told me that there was something in people's bodies that wasn't supposed to be there - a part of the body that was wrong. She said that part was "angerness."

She then started talking about the "light" that's inside of everything. Like flowers, for instance. She said that when she looks at a flower, she sees the light. And she sees happiness in the flower. "But, it's not just something you see. It's something you feel inside, too," she explained.

"People need to go have a picnic or fly a kite," she suggested. She said that things that like were relaxing and helped people feel more happiness.

My daughter wasn't being silly and wasn't rambling on, trying to piece things together. She spoke slowly and confidently, like she was trying to teach me something that she was absolutely certain to be true. All I could think, while she was speaking, was that I desperately wanted her to remember this. When do we grow out of such wisdom?

When your kids talk, listen to them. Sometimes, they know far more than we do.

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