Sunday, September 23, 2012

We're not just tourists anymore.

The Hubs asked me why I hadn't blogged in the last few days and I have to admit, I was a little annoyed. It's true, I started this whole Cultivated Mother thing because I had dreams of being a fancy world traveler with lots to write about as I lugged our kids all over Asia. But I got one thing completely wrong.

We aren't tourists. We're residents.

We have a huuuuge list of places we want to go and things we want to see while we're living in Japan. But see that word there? We're LIVING in Japan. We're not on some fancy trip with no job to worry about, a budget for all the things we want to do, and nothing on our to-do list besides eating, sleeping and having fun. All those things we want to go and places we want to go? They cost money. And they demand time-off from work (at least for the The Hubs). And in the meantime, I've got life to deal with - dirty dishes, laundry, homeschooling, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking... um, raising two little individuals. We're getting settled back into a routine, one that is very welcome considering the lack of routine we've had for the past 3 months. 

So, while I haven't been blogging about all the cool, interesting things we've been doing (because we haven't done them, really)... believe me. I've been busy. Except for hanging some things on the walls, my house is basically done being put back together. I've figured out where things should go, I've cleaned, and I've organized. I begun my meal-planning again, but it's taking more effort this time around because not everything we'd like to eat or cook is available any time you want it. THAT has taken some getting-used-to. I would like to start my kids' homeschooling the first week of October, so this next week will be spent preparing for that. Oh, and The Hubs left today for a cruise on the ocean (you do know that I use the term "cruise," very loosely, right?) for over a week. Not bad, considering I know several other moms who have been single parents for months, but it's still tough to see your kids cry because they miss Daddy.

Therefore, I don't have grand tales of travel for you, but I do have a few pictures of what our daily life is looking like here in Japan. I hope these will suffice until I get some real blog-worthy things happening around here....

We visited a Ramen shop right outside the gate to our housing community. We'd heard marvelous things about it and all the rumors proved to be true. It was AMAZING. And, the portions were huuuuge. The Hubs and I could have probably split ours and we're very glad we split one bowl for the girls. I will admit, I had been a little worried about taking the girls out to eat in Japan because Thing 1 is sooooo picky. She refuses to eat anything that looks like a vegetable and is picky about some carbs too - rice has only begun to be eaten by her. Fortunately for us, both the girls thought the noodles were fantastic!

Thing 2 loved the "soup" the best.

Never a dull day at base housing. The Hubs was waiting for his bus to work when he watched a car fly out of our parking garage, across the street, taking out a bench and plowing down into a ramp under our neighboring tower. He rushed to help and the couple in the car had to be cut out of the vehicle. Craziness. (The Hubs is in blue camo near the top left.)

And if this picture doesn't make you go "awwww," I don't know what will. Thing 2 was very sad the first night that her Daddy was gone, so she snuggled up with one of his t-shirts on his side of the bed. She kept saying she couldn't sleep because she missed Daddy too much. Then, when I would hold her and tell her how much her Daddy loves her, she would melt into tears and say, "He loves me? I love him too." It was PITIFUL. I know he'll be back in a few days, and she'll be alright... but, it's still hard to see her hurting. 

I really don't know how families manage with long deployments....

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