Thursday, July 26, 2012

The PCS Files: Four Days and Counting

To all my readers (all, 5 of you?) who have been following along as we make the move to Japan, I want to apologize for not writing much this month. As you can imagine, we have been BUSY. We headed to Tennessee to visit family for a full month before we left the country and though I thought I'd have lots of time to blog, read, and sleep, that has NOT been the case. We have been at a different family member's home each week and we have tried to cram in as many visits and activities as possible. This hasn't been completely my idea, but when you're leaving family for years and they want to take your kids to all sorts of fun things... it's hard to say no.

Unfortunately, my kids have gotten so out-of-whack that there have been times where I wonder if we should have come home for a month in the first place. My girls already seem tired, bored, stir-crazy, and cranky. Thing 2 has had a resurgence of bad behavior (LOUD, behavior too) and Thing 1 has started having some epic meltdowns over... well... silly things. For instance, one of these meltdowns happened this morning when she begged me to let us live in Osaka, Japan instead of Yokosuka. What?! Yes, my child wants to live in another city in Japan instead of the one we're assigned to. I guess I'm just happy that she's learning some geography.

But, anyway, on to PCS matters.

On Monday, we'll fly to the East Coast and on Tuesday, we'll fly out of the country. Tonight or tomorrow, I'll be heading to the store to get anything else we need for our carry-ons and I plan on spending the last half of our weekend doing laundry and packing. I may try to put together a blog post about what is going in each of our carry-ons, but it totally depends on whether or not I have time. Any blogging that needs to be done before we leave HAS to be done before we fly out because I know that once we arrive, I am going to have a TON of things to write about. So, stay tuned. I know that I haven't blogged much the last few weeks, but I think it's about to REALLY pick up.

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