Monday, June 18, 2012

The PCS Files: Unaccompanied Baggage is gone!

Some of our things are on their way to Japan! It's hard for me to believe.

The movers said they would come between 8-10am, but showed up at 11am. So, what did we do while waiting for them? We had a tea party! A costume tea party, to be exact.

I don't think The Hubs enjoyed his change in costume.

So, when the movers came, I promised myself I would take some pictures for all of you who have never done a military move. Every time the moving-dude went out to the truck for something, I ran back into the guest room to take pictures of his progress. He put some things into large boxes and wrapped most everything in brown paper. I think he was in and out of the house in about an hour. 

This is what the finished product looked like. Everything was taped up and was labeled with our last name and info about where it was going. I also signed an inventory he made of each package and got a copy for my own records. There were also a few other papers to sign that said he hadn't damaged my house in any way, that he had been pleasant and done a good job and that I knew where my stuff was being sent (I think...?). 

Once everything was packed, he took it out to the truck and put it all inside a wooden crate. Once it was filled, he nailed it all shut and off it went! It's crazy to think that some of our household will be going to Japan ahead of us, but it's also nice to know that we'll have those things there as soon as we arrive and get into some housing. 

I've got a few more posts coming in the next few days, so be sure to check back. We got information about our flights and are sorting that out, and I had a friend ask me what we're doing with all our important documents during the move (she is getting ready to PCS to Italy this winter). We'll also be getting ready for the big move NEXT WEEK! Yikes! I feel like there is sooo much to do, but at the same time, I feel like all that's left to do is move. Sounds simple doesn't it?


  1. Your PCS blogs are awesome! I am a military spouse who is currently PCS'ing to Korea and you have given me some of my sanity back lol. Thank you and I will definitely be pinning this on my FRG board :)

    1. Thanks Christina! I had other military spouses in mind when I wrote these because I felt like I was on a steep learning curve. I glad you've found them helpful, and I wish you the best on your upcoming move!