Saturday, August 20, 2011


Does anyone else struggle with being a SAHM? I feel like it's a recurring battle I have with myself. I will have month-long periods where I feel like I've finally gotten into the swing of things - we've developed a daily routine, the girls have fun activities to do, and all of us are enjoying being together. Then, it seems like things will go downhill - our daily routine will fall apart, I will struggle to keep the girls engaged and entertained every day, tantrums will start getting the best of me, and I'll wonder if my girls would be better off in daycare.

I can't help but think that I'm the odd-mom-out. Things seem to fall into place so easily for other moms. Why is it so hard sometimes for me? I really feel like the best place for me - where I'm needed the most - is at home with my children. We're going to be moving a lot with my husband being in the military, so it makes it hard for me to use my Masters degree in Counseling and get a state license. I'm not really sure what I would do if I worked outside the home. And, besides daycare being expensive, I also want to stay at home because my kids are growing up quickly. When they start elementary school, they'll be in school 8 hours a day for most of the years they have left living at home. I see what my husband misses while at work every day and I don't want to miss all those little moments too.

Am I the only one who has a hard time with this??

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